Men's Ministry


Sunday School 9:30am // Sunday Worship 10:45am // Sunday Night 6pm // Wednesday 7pm

The Men's Ministry of Full Gospel Worship Center

Full Gospel Worship Center is committed to encouraging the growth of our spiritual leaders through a balanced program of worship, biblical teaching, fellowship, and evangelism. Keep an eye on our events page to see upcoming events for the men of Full Gospel Worship Center .

Events for Men’s Ministry

Men’s ministry meeting on the second Sunday night at 6pm of the month. Meeting place is FGWC sanctuary.

What do we do?

  • Support Widows and Seniors
  • Cook Mother’s Day Luncheon
  • Father Child Outing
  • Men’s retreat
  • Food box outreach
  • Outreach to widow’s
  • Visit and pray for the sick
  • By special request the Men’s Ministry is available to do special need projects.

The Sampson Syndrome

Why Strong Men Fail

Judges 13:5

  • Disregard Boundaries
  • Struggle w/ Lust
  • Ignore Good Advice
  • Lack Discernment
  • Take Foolish Risks
  • Loss of Vision
  • Wrong priorities
  • Use our strength at the wrong time.
  • Presumptuous - Not protecting our covenant with God.
  • Not recovering from wrong teaching.
  • He kept doing immature things even into adulthood.
  • Enamored with his own wits.
  • He didn’t make long term goals.
  • Let things go undealt with for long periods of time.
  • Manipulated things to look better than they really were.
  • Not valuing God’s gifts to us.
  • Waited on others to handle what he should have handled.
  • Got involved in trivial communication with the enemy.
  • He was willing to compromise God’s word.